About me

Welcome to my website. I am a manager at the Technology Strategy deparment of Accenture Denmark and an external lecturer at IT University of Copenhagen.

My work has a focus on designing and evaluating strategies for utilising and developing software systems with respect to supporting the business and facilitating the organizations the systems reside in. I have experience from designing and developing complex informational systems with distributed software development as much as evaluating the implications and effects of these systems.

I have a focus on architecture, IT/digital transformation, cloud, and distributed software development. I have more than 15 years of experience in designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating software and informational systems in different domains such as financial services, healthcare, and engineering products.

For an update on my background look at my LinkedIn profile. I have a PhD in computer science from University of Copenhagen while my experience includes roles such as manager at Deloitte Consulting, Enterprise Architect at the DHI Group, software architecture researcher at the interdisciplinary SCAUT, software ecosystem subject matter expert at the 5K research project on Smart Cities, software ecosystem and architecture researcher at Net4Care and Connect2Care projects investigating the establishment of a software ecosystem for healthcare-IT and telemedicine infrastructures as part of my PhD. For more information, download a copy of my PhD thesis here.